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Artist Statement



The contemporary art world and life in general has led me to beautiful, and interesting places in my life. Most of my work up to this point has approached concepts related to a person’s existence. But recently it has made an immediate turn to analyzing the monstrous idea of racism and the philosophical idea of Black existentialism.

How I work with this is through the creation of surreal objects and using scale effectively. This includes small works to using measurements as big as 7ft. Mainly, to make people feel uncomfortable or to focus in on details that normally, most people would miss. To explore these ideas, I use a wide variety of mediums to tackle the subject matter of racism and its effects on the Black community and other people of color.

Through research and experiments, I want to get people to talk about racism and how it affects everyone involved from generation to generation. By doing so I hope people gain insight and help find ways to end this destructive cycle that plagues all of humanity. most of all to push pass the boundaries and be better people.

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